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Approval and manufacture of medical products

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Quality management

We take care of implementing your idea, from approval through to launching the finished medical product on the market.

Our QM (Quality Management) will take care of the "medical product approval" for you. This is the certificate of conformity you require as manufacturer.

Step by step, we begin by taking care of product development, and the initial implementation of prototype production.

After that, we evaluate the product on the market and provide you with a corresponding risk assessment.

This includes, of course, a clinical evaluation and a technical presentation.

Once the certificate of conformity has been obtained, manufacturer documentation is provided with the final step for approval.


Capsules consist of a capsule shell and a filling. The shell is usually made of gelatin, occasionally cellulose or carrageen. The capsule shell contains a filling with the active ingredients and various excipients. Small pellets with an enteric coating that is sensitive to gastric acid are also packed in capsules. A distinction is made between hard and soft gelatin and microcapsules. Colouring the cover protects the contents from light, helps to identify the individual product and serves marketing purposes.


Tablets are single-dose solid forms of medicine manufactured from powders or granules compressed on tablet presses. The shapes of the tablets vary. Tablets occupy a special position, accounting for almost 50% of all forms of medicine.

Many active ingredients can be tableted - some directly, i.e. without further processing of the powder or powder mixture (direct compression), but most go through the intermediate state of granules. In addition to the actual active substance, additional excipients are generally required.

Dragees and film-coated tablets consist of a core and a coated layer. They thus protect the core against external influences, make them easier to swallow and are resistant to stomach acid.


Pastilles are produced by pouring a fluid into prefabricated powder forms. Afterwards, the still liquid pastilles are gently dried. The active substances contained in the dried fluid are released slowly by chewing or sucking and can thus be absorbed by the mucous membranes or enter the stomach with the saliva. Only with this method can completely different substances be processed. These substances include essential and fatty oils, liquid tinctures and extracts, dry extracts and soluble and insoluble substances or drugs.


We develop and market drops, sprays, drink shots, energy drinks, ampoules and gels for the medical and food industry.

Chewing gum

A chewing gum as a supplement product for oral hygiene and dental cleaning.